A Complete Guide To Sports Fitness Components

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” goes a famous proverb. In the race to becoming successful and to earn more money, one does not concentrate or focus on their health and fitness. Lack of exercise and physical fitness makes one obese and unhealthy. Loss of focus on physical and mental health reduces the physical ability of an individual to perform any task including their routine duties as well. Fitness for an individual is based on many factors. Some of them are:

Muscular Strength And Endurance

It is the ability of any individual to lift and carry heavy weight. Technically speaking, muscular strength is defined to be the greatest amount of force which can be generated by any individual during motion or a particular movement pattern at a specific pace/velocity to carry heavy weight. When athletes and sports personalities gain strength, their muscle fibers enlarge in size which makes them fit and strong enough to compete. It provides them with their required stamina. Muscular endurance is the capacity of an individual to withstand submediant activities for longer periods of time and overcome fatigue. It is also defined as the ability to resist lesser intensity muscular compressions for higher time periods. Higher muscular endurance results in the ability to withstand muscular contractions of higher intensity.

Cardiovascular Endurance

It is the power to perform extended aerobic exercise ranging from moderate to high exercise strengths. It is associated to the working of lungs, circulatory system, heart, etc and the capability of the skeletal muscle to make use of oxygen.


It is the power to make the joints move freely with the help of the motions. The gymnastic events which are held all over the world, require fairly a high joint flexibility. The various techniques available in stretching increase one’s flexibility at a reasonable pace.

Body Composition

It is a balance of fat and no-fat volume throughout the entire body. Some of the effective and useful ways to maintain body composition is to eat properly and to get yourself enrolled in various physical activities.


It is the power to operate a motor in the best possible speed. Simply, it is the power to move quickly. Being active and having reasonable speed is the important necessity to be involved in sports. Speed and Reaction time (The time taken to respond to a stimulus) are closely interlinked.


It is the power to alter the direction quickly without the loss of balance, greater speed and body control. Agility fitness is a combination of various components like balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, etc. Ability, for that matter is very important for any sport like basketball, football etc. which involves intense changes in acceleration and deceleration.


It is the ability to wield muscular force rapidly. On field, power is a combination of acceleration and strength. Sports like Olympic lifting, shot-put require a rapid pace of speed development.


It is a power to have a stable equilibrium. It may be static or dynamic. Static balance is when he/she is not moving, for instance handstand. On the other hand dynamic balance is when he/she sustains equilibrium while moving or when in motion.


It differs for each sport. Gross coordination means executing efficient muscle skills like jumping, running, etc. with the required rhythm and accuracy.


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