Some Valuable Tips To Prevent Sports Injuries

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it” describes John Wooden about sports. Getting involved in sports, do not just contribute to fitness, but results in a sound mind and healthy body. One needs immense stamina and willpower to excel and be successful in this field. One needs to take into account their physical ability and fitness while engaging in sports for they are prone to develop injuries and suffer pain. Some of the very common injuries are:

  •         Ankle Injuries:

Athletes or any sport personality for that matter are commonly prone to develop ankle sprains which are also called inversion sprains. These are usually caused when the ankles get twisted which in turn damages the ligaments. People involved in sports like athletics, football and basketball, where the players need to move and turn quickly are likely to develop sprains often.

  •         Back Pains:

People who do gymnastics and who are more likely to bend and twist their bodies frequently are prone to developing back pains which are also called acute/chronic back aches. People who take up weight lifting as their sport of interest are also prone to develop these aches as they exert immense pressure on their backs while lifting heavy weights. These aches are initially characterized by swelling in the regions which may become severe as the pain starts spreading.

  •         Knee Injuries:

These injuries are of two types, acute and chronic. Acute injuries are those which develop sharply and spontaneously while running in the case of athletes (i.e.) these injuries happen suddenly. Chronic injuries are those which develop gradually over a period of time. Footballers are prone to get their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) damaged.

  •         Shoulder Injuries:

Shoulder injuries are commonly of two types, rotator cuff strain and the shoulder impingement. These injuries can be treated by frequent appropriate arm movements and playing suitable sports like rugby. These aches can become severe if not treated properly.

  •         Groin Injuries:

These injuries cause pains in the inner regions of the thighs. People involved in hurdles, athletics, football and other sports which require swift movements and change of directions are likely to develop these injuries. These injuries can be treated by reducing movements and taking rest. People having weaker core are likely to develop these injuries as well.

Seeking treatment for any injury which athletes come across is always a must. Aches which start on a smaller scale may become chronic and severe when not treated properly and this may finally lead to the athlete dropping out of their sport of interest.

Few prevention tips

Warming up is always recommended before starting a sport. This should last for 10-15 minutes and it usually comprises of jogging and mild exercises which loosens and stretches muscles and pumps more blood.

  1.      Excessive training is also very dangerous. Do not put in full force and train hard on things which are just been picked up and initialized. Start slow, steady and increase the intensity of practices and training by 10% every week.
  2.      Hydration is the key factor which contributes to the athlete’s stamina and strength. One needs to make sure to take in lot of fluids to compensate dehydration. Dehydration, when not treated properly, may lead to the athlete falling sick frequently and becoming weak.
  3.      Athletes must be well equipped with the materials required for their sport like shoes, various guards for knee, ankles etc. Shoes should be of correct fitting because when they are worn tight and small, it may excert pressure on the ankles and foot which may in turn cause pains and sprains. Guards for knees, ankles and other vital parts of the body are usually the best way to prevent injuries. People having weak bones and muscles are advised to wear braces while training to reduce further damage of muscles.
  4.      After intense training and workouts, a long and a smooth rest is always a must. Cool yourself down for atleast 10 minutes after heavy trainings and this not only relaxes the mind and body, but refreshes our energy for subsequent sporting.  

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