A Comprehensive Guide On Cycling For Recreation And Fitness

Bicycles became popular in the middle of the 19th century as inventors came up with different designs and over a period of time there is a vast improvement in the mechanics behind bicycles. Earlier the process was on trial and error basis. Modern day cycles have high tech gears, sophisticated frame designs and sharp brakes. The buyer has variety of choices when it comes to bikes, these include mountain bikes, touring bikes, street bikes and BMX models. Today consumers can choose between fitness and recreation bikes.

Types of bicycles

Bicycles can be divided into many varieties and these depend on the purpose. Road bicycles come with special design suitable for smooth riding on pavements. These come with lightweight frames, thin tires and drop handlebars. Touring bikes are very similar to road bikes and they have extra features that come with more comfort to ride longer distances. The frame is upright facilitating comfortable seating position for the righter. The low gears enables easy climbing in steep hills. Next come mountain bikes, these are often rugged and are suitable for riding on tough terrain. The bike has flat handlebars that comes with shock absorbing suspension particularly for bumpy trails. The Hybrid variety are those that comes with a combination of mountain and road bikes. These are sturdy and comfortable. The riders can ride on rough or smooth terrain. The bicycle is suitable for kids as it gives them an opportunity to work on stunts.

Fitness cycles

Bike riding is an enjoyable experience, it gives you endurance as the riding strengthens the muscles. The main reason why cycle is used for fitness purpose is because of the declines and inclines involved in riding. The advantage of this is that it gives scope for interval training for both high and low intensity levels. Cycling helps build muscles; improve cardiovascular fitness, brain functions and burn calories. It offers improved flow of blood to the brain.

Transportation cycles

People who have no time for exercise can opt for cycling for commuting to work or shopping. It gives you an opportunity to indulge in physical activity and at the same time prove beneficial for commuting from one place to another. Moreover, it makes you responsible citizens by contributing to the environment since no fossil fuel is involved. There are separate trails to provide efficient biking routes for cyclists in many cities.

Some safety tips

Cycling is an enjoyable experience but showing prudence is the safe way to make the most of your experience. Cyclists must ensure the brakes, gears function properly before starting their ride. Any failure can lead to injury. Bicycle safety is all about wearing helmet to protect the rider incase of an accident. Head injury could be fatal, therefore using helmet is the best way to improve safety. A horn, lights, rear view mirror also helps to enjoy a safe ride. Cyclists must maintain traffic regulations and road rules.

Recreational cycling is one of the many ways to go outdoor and enjoy some fresh breeze. There are touring clubs that offer a host of recreational programs for cyclists. Make the most of it.


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