Stay Safe on Your Future Rides

Image of A Group of Bicycle Riders In Action

Image of A Group of Bicycle Riders In Action

The Thrill of Riding Should Be Savored

Biking is very affordable yet entertaining transportation that also benefits your health and reduces the risks of strokes and heart disease. Though you need to be careful not to get into trouble for “cycling ferociously.” It’s always good to make sure of your own and others safety.

Helmets force
The Ministry of Transportation Ontario has observed that deaths of cyclist between 2010 to 2014, has mostly been for cycling collision. The injuries can be pretty severe, including head trauma, broken bones, and internal injuries. Hence, it is utmost essential to put on a helmet before every ride, no matter how short it is.

Image Represents The Bicycle Racing Concept

Traffic Rules Should Never Be Ignored

The cyclist and motorists need to adhere to the same rules. Using accurate signals before turning is vital. The roads are shared by all. Following rules will ensure everything is balanced and smooth.

Don’t fight the weather
Riding when the weather is rough might sound thrilling but it can result in severe injuries. So, enjoy your ride when the weather isn’t your enemy. A smart rider is always a smart person.

Stay prepared
The Ministry of Transportation Ontario insists all cyclists be well prepared before they go riding the streets. The bicycle should be well furnished with white front light, a rear-view mirror, a bell or a horn.

No sidewalks
Bicycle is no less than a vehicle and hence should stay clear of the paths. These are some safety facts you should know and follow before you start riding your bicycle.

You should not forget that it is vital not just for your safety but also to protect the surroundings. If you want to find out more, it’s always recommended to know no your local laws about cycling. Staying away from trouble will give you the enjoyment you deserve.

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