About Us

The bicycle has been around since the 1800s. Yes, the two-wheeled vehicle has undergone a lot of innovation and transformation, but the basic gist of it has remained constant. As a cycling enthusiast who dove into bicycle racing without much information or support, we understand that centuries have made the seemingly innocuous device intricate. When you plunge into the world of bicycle racing unaware, those intricacies can cause complications. 

To that end, We started this platform. It began a few years back as a simple WordPress blog. We posted simple articles from the mountain of information we had collected on bicycling. The injuries and demotivation that we faced during the first year of bicycle racing, we didn’t want others to suffer the same. Hence, imparting of our humble wisdom to all and sundry through this blog. 

Today, we have expanded the scope of the platform. A reader can find the A to Z of cycling in here. Every information given is collected from people who have stumbled upon learnings while riding and racing around the world. Some of the most common topics talked about here are:

  • The different events and tours in bicycle racing
  • Riding events for charity and other purposes
  • Facts on bicycles, racing, and riding
  • Precious cycling tips for amateurs and pros
  • The different cycling accessories crucial for a rider
  • The fitness regime that can help a new or experienced rider

From how to manipulate the ups and downs of challenging terrain to how to bare inclement weather on cycling events, the site will give you insight on anything and everything. 

A lot of sweat, pain, and effort were put to create this platform to ensure that all bicycle riders can enjoy it. The hope is that you appreciate it and use it whenever in need of information connected to bicycling!