Interesting Facts About Bicycles!

Image Showing Rows of Bicycles Standing In A Shop

Image Showing Rows of Bicycles Standing In A Shop

Get to Know Their Story

Reading about the history of most things could get a little tiring for some people. But if you dedicate yourself, you will almost always end up with some pretty amazing facts! So, it is time to look into the past of bicycles. Bicycles have been related to empowering feminism and providing freedom to women in the past. Susan B.- a well-known feminist, has gone to the lengths of calling bicycles a “freedom machine.” Did you know the word ‘bicycle’ originated from the French word ‘bicyclette’?

Some Fantastic Bicycle Stories

Have you ever heard of a bicycle race that was around six days long? Well in the early 1900s these were well desired. Though the participants would hallucinate while cycling due to sleep deprivation.
Pavements were not created because of automobiles but for bicycles.

Image of A Bicycle In a White Background

In 1940 Hans and Margret Ray became popular as they escaped just before Nazis captured Paris, on bicycles built by Hans himself.

On January 28, 1896, Walter Arnold, in Great Britain was charged with speeding because he exceeded the speed limit of the town which was 2mph/3.22 kph by 8mph/12.87kph. A policeman charged him on a bicycle.
The Japanese invaded Malaysia during the second world war with soldiers riding on their bicycle.
In the UK, the speed limits do not apply to cycles, but you can still be prosecuted for “cycling furiously.”
The first satellite launched in India in 1981 was transported on an ox cart, and parts of many rockets were shifted on a bicycle.

Can you imagine a person cycling across 192 countries on six continents for nine years surviving six car accidents, Malaria, extreme temperatures, robbery, and kidnapping? Okhwan Yoon, who set aside his successful business to cycle around the world. The Netherlands has a lesser number of people in comparison to the number of bicycles it has because it promotes cycling over driving cars.

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