Emerging trends of bicycle parking- The Cobot Way

Emerging trends of bicycle parking

Emerging trends of bicycle parking

All About Cobot Bicycle Parking Systems

The usage of the bicycle is growing day by day. It is also one of the most preferred vehicles in recent years. However, specific problems are left unsolved. It is a common sight to see bicycles crowded in the public area. It not only spoils the surroundings and always remains favorable for damage (due to weather) and robbery.

Cobot Bike Parking Structures Which Solved An Urban Confusion

Global collaborative robot marketThe latest bike share system in New York is popular due to human shortcomings. It can also be due to the inadequacy of city infrastructure.

When we look at other biking regions, the issue has been easily solved through robotic parking systems which store bikes vertically or underground in towers. In certain American cities, robotic car parking is gaining attention. It was implemented in Europe and China years ago. However, bikes are the latest addition to the market.

Automatic parking consumes less valuable space. It means they allow more space for real estate developers. Here are the five cities that have implemented their creative systems.

Meckenbeuren (Germany)

E-Bike Mobility is the German company which constructs robotic bike storage structures throughout Europe like solar powered in Meckenbeuren. It can store about 112 bikes outside the train station of the small town.

Hradec Kralove (Czech Republic)

The robotic tower in Czech stores about 117 bikes at a single time on the seven-tiered hexagonal structure. If you wish to pay your bike here, you need to spend around 25 cents. You can park the vehicles utilized modified robotic stacker which hangs bikes vertically alongside the internal struts.

Jiyugaoka (Tokyo)

The high real estate charges in Tokyo motivated Japanese engineers to find out an answer to the problem – surface parking long back. It is an underground valet. It is referred to as Eco-Cycle, where the members have to pay while using the robotic storage systems. The user can park bikes below ground level of forty feet.

Washington (D.C.)

D.C. had already a bike sharing system for two years. However, it has not explored and utilized robotic bike system. Recently, a lovely storage system which is shell shaped has stepped in. It has been expected to perform in an excellent direction.

Seoul (Korea)

In a recent rivalry, vertical and thin parking system concept was finalized. It has been selected to enhance bike infrastructure of Seoul. The modular system remains ideal for parking hundreds of bikes in the thin spaces in the metropolitan fabric. The pedal generator is human powered. The designers have told that it incurs maintenance charges of around $15 a year.

Cobots are almost like robots which are utilized in the manufacturing industry. Cobot makes the simple bicycle a very precision made vehicle.

How are cobots transforming metal fabrication?

Metal fabrication progressions affect various kinds of sectors varying from locomotive to mining. Companies focusing on metal fabrication have recognized they must change to transforming customer requirements to remain profitable.Also, they are doing by utilizing collaborative robots that are commonly referred to as cobots.

Cobots function along with humans and help with tasks to enhance overall output and efficiency. Additionally, certain models are extremely versatile. It can be easily programmed to perform several functions as required throughout a day.The adaptability feature helps the metal fabrication specialists to perform the operations easily or serve to client’s requirements within a limited cost.The increased requirement for welders have chances to worsen the repetitive motion and fatigue. The cobots help in performing less value-added jobs.

Taking on dangerous or tedious tasks

Most of the tasks in the metal fabrication industry need repetitive motions. It can result in work strains or fatigue,Cobots Simplify The Labor Shortage In Industry  which makes employees less productive in their job. It even helps the employees to take up work from home tasks until they recover.

Cobots that are utilized in metal fabrication industries can recognize hazardous or monotonous tasks. It is feasible for humans to utilize their skills in various other roles. This way, they can enhance the company’s value and undergo tasks that are not potentially harmful but rewarding.

Cobots Simplify The Labor Shortage In Industry 

Considering that the improved requirement for welders – worsen repetitive motion and fatigue issues, as mentioned above, can happen by working longer and taking up more frequent shifts. Cobots are ideal for helping human workers and make the labor shortage less predominant. It is the best technological advancement that can support various industrial professionals.Here – https://www.therobotreport.com/collaborative-robots-unique-applications/ – you check out the industrial uses of cobots.

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