About Us

Get excited about bicycle racing with us at Tailwind Racing. We have been in the cycling business for years and years, and we still love the thrill of the wind rushing through our hair as we bike through different terrains in a rush to reach the finish line.

Bicycles have been around since the late nineteenth century. They have undergone different makeovers to reach its present look today. The several improvements over the years have made bicycles easier to use and much faster than their older counterparts. The introduction of gears has also made it possible to go bike riding at different speeds according to the terrain chosen by the biking enthusiast.

Preparing For a Bike Race
Several elements go into being prepared for a bike race, physically and mentally. If it is your first race, it would be a good idea to try out a couple of group rides to get you accustomed to riding along with other cyclists at really high speeds. This will also help you with maintaining your position in the race. According to the Tailwind Racing experts, it is a good idea to ride a similar course before attempting an actual race. This will help you know when to expect climbs ad how to maintain your speed as you try to overtake the other cyclists. Cycle maintenance is a very critical part of getting ready for any race, no matter how big or small. Once your equipment gets the get go, you can be assured that you will not have any technical difficulties on the track.

A heart rate monitor can help you monitor your heart rates as you attempt steeper climbs during the race. This can help determine the speeds to be maintained at different parts of the course so that you do not tire yourself easily. Since most bicycle races are a long affair, it is extremely important to not get tired in the first lap itself.

Tailwind Cycling offers bike trainers to help you get plenty exercise on the bike that you plan to ride for the cycling event. A stationary bike does not serve the same purpose as it offers lowers resistance compared to what you are sued to while biking on the actual track. The leg muscles are the most important part of your physique in bike racing. You can build them up by doing plenty of squats, deadlifts and leg presses. Once your leg muscles start getting stronger, you can mix it up a bit with muscle endurance exercises. This makes use of around thirty to fifty percent of your body weight, of around ten repetitions, making you ready for the long bike ride ahead of you.

Sprint training is a favourite among the trainers at Tailwind Cycling for v=building up your stamina as a part of the preparation for your cycling event. You need to ride pretty hard for around sixty seconds with short breaks of ninety seconds at least to get the full benefit of sprint training. This is similar to the popular HIIT workouts that have been doing the rounds recently.

Our experts have always encouraged training in the outdoors to get used to unusual weather elements as well as add a bit of uncertainty to the race. Manipulating ups and downs in the outside terrain will get you ready for any cycling event in a jiffy. During your training period always remember to eat the right food that has more complex carbohydrates. You need to stay well hydrated during our training sessions as well as during the actual race to avoid passing out due to dehydrations. So what are you waiting for? Fill up your water bottle and join us at Tailwind cycling to build up your cycling skills for the next big race!